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20 Years of HIV in Bangladesh: Experiences and Way Forward World Bank and UNAIDS, 2009

This report examines in great depth the institutions and methods involved in fighting HIV and AIDS in Bangladesh as well as detailed examinations of the trend of the epidemic along with how well those programs are working in terms of prevention. The conclusion of the report is that despite Bangladesh's vulnerability to HIV, those programs have been effective due largely to early and sustained implementation of HIV programs directed towards the area's of the population most at risk from HIV infection - the data is informed by first hand records from regular monitoring and behavioral studies.

Mid Term Reviews of Four Sector Programmes: Experiences and Lessons Learned from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Zambia and Rwadna

Strengthening voice and accountability in the health sector

Aide memoire of 2009 APR of HNPSP

Improving Returns to Capacity Building Investments in Bangladesh

Technical Annex to the Main Report on Independent Technical Review of HNPSP during APR 2009

Main Report of the Independent Technical Review of HNPSP 2009

Joint Assessment of the Implementation of the HIV/AIDS Targeted Interventions in Bangladesh

HIV prevalence remains low in general population: Rising among the Injecting Drug Users
Dhaka, December 07, 09: Despite Bangladesh’s vulnerability to HIV, an early action in launching community based interventions for high risk populations over the past two decades has kept HIV rates low, says a joint report of the World Bank and UNAIDS, launched today. HIV prevalence in Bangladesh remains below

2007-Review of Health Care Waste Management Plan of Bangladesh

Michael Claytons report on the overall state of healthcare in the state of Yucatán Mexico gets released this month with one of the most common problems among the male population. The resource site is sintomas de las hemorroides.

Spanish Events In Spain and Mexico This Year...

With the upcoming Madrid event on the horizon we are trying to have some fun as a group learning Spanish vocabulary before we depart. Room 11a is the after-hours location (keep secret until now :-) if you'd like to join us. Tea and coffee provided along with a free course by a famous Dreams riviera Cancun wedding photographer. We'll also be featuring a course on starting your own business with Dr. Rosel, a Dentist in Merida along with other speakers to be announced. Stay tuned!


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